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    The 2001 California State
      Thespian Conference
From Left to Right: Samer Qirreh, Valerie Cole, Dolly Moehrle, Rat face (Valerie's puppet), Angelina LaBarre, and Justin Gillman.

    These five brave Drama Club members went to the Thespian Conference to show off their beautiful acting skills and share with the many other Drama Clubs of California the fun that is Theatre.
    On the first day there our members auditioned for The All State Show as well as scholarships and other competitions. They also saw the production of "Working" by Claremont High School. Angelina LaBarre was selected to be a member of the second act of The All State Show.
    The next day while Angelina had an early morning rehearsal the other members had breakfast. That day they heard the speeches of the candidates running for the California State Board. (Personally, I think Justin Gillman's was the best).
    On the third day The All State Show was performed for the rest of the 1700 thespian members. The first act was all about the techies, the magic makers backstage, the second act was about the history of Theatre, and the last act was all about modern Theatre. After that, we found out who our state board members would be. Would you guess it? Justin Gillman is one of the three new Members at Large. Needless to say, they all came home happy.