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Rachel Cunningham/Junior

    Rachel's job of secretary for the Drama/Thespian Club is to record minutes of all executive and regular meetings of the club, as well as handle all club correspondences, and take part in all initiations.
    She has been a member of the Vacaville High School Drama/Thespian Club for 3 years now and is a 3 star Thespian in the International Thespian Society.  She has also held the position of Membership for one year.  She has played the part of Denise in "As You Like It", been a member of the costume crew in "As You Like It", played the role of Jean Dorsey in "Take a Letter", as well as being a  grip for "Carousel".  Not only that, but she has also played the role of Saint Michelle in "Joan of Lorraine", the Director in "In Search of New Values" (Last year's piece in Vacaville's Cultural Diversity Faire), and the role of Alice in "aLice'S wonDerland". Rachel has played the part of Artmis in the student directed one-act "The Reluctant Prophets". Right now, Rachel is playing Mrs. Squires in "The Music Man".

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