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Justin Gillman/Junior

    As Treasurer of the Drama Club, Justin will keep the finanical records of the club and will take part in all initiations.
    Justin has been a member for the Drama club for three years and is a three star Thespian of the International Thespian Society. He is also the Vice President on the California state board of the Thespian Society. Justin has been the Treasurer for two years now.  He has played the part of Silvius in "As You Like It", Bacchus in "The Frogs", and Enoch Junior in "Carousel". Justin has also played the part of Jacque D'Arc and Massieu in "Joan of Lorraine" and the Letter A in "aLice'S wonDerland". He played Milton in the student directed one-act "Words, Words, Words". He is currently playing Marcellus in "The Music Man". Justin is also the leader of the Drama Club's spoof Boy band Unsavage Cabbage.

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