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Vice President-
Tawny Newsome/Senior

    As Vice President of the Vacaville High School Drama/Thespian Club Tawny does a lot for the club.  Her job is to take the role of Acting President if for any reason the President cannot perform them. As the Vice President also attends and participates in all initiations and meetings.
    Tawny has been a member of the Drama Club for four years now.  She is a 4 star Thespian in the International Thespian Society and she has been Secretary for the Drama Club for two years.  She was a part of the chorus for "Guys and Dolls' and Carousel. Tawny was the lead frog in "The Frogs".  She also was Assistant Stage Manger for the school's production of "As You Like It". In "Joan of Lorraine" she played the part of Saint Catherine and in "Little Fears, Large Demons" she played the part of Shelly. Last year she was part of the committee for the "Save our Curtains" fund raiser Talent Show.

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